MOA Instrumentation Incorporated specializes in a systems approach to analyzing and fulfilling your individual corrosion testing needs. We manufacture a comprehensive line of corrosion testing apparatus and support equipment that combine to form complete testing capabilities for both static and dynamic test conditions. It is this ability to ensure equipment compatibility and proven system performance which makes MOA Instrumentation a unique single source of supply for your test equipment needs.

MOA Instrumentation developed the Slow Strain Rate/Corrosion Fatigue Test System in response to the need for a flexible, programmable system for individual testing requirements. The Slow Strain Rate/Corrosion Fatigue Test System from MOA Instrumentation offers a wide range of specialized equipment including: a load frame, a unique closed-loop computer controlled stepper motor drive mechanism, a load train, test vessels, computer controls and data acquisition, and all necessary software. This innovative system may be purchased as a completed system or as a load frame/drive mechanism to be interfaced with an IBM AT/XT Computer System. Applicable software is supplied by MOA Instrumentation. This state-of-the-art equipment system permits corrosion testing simulations in a wide range of environmental conditions, temperatures, pressures, strain rates, and specimen loading cycles.